Continuous Improvement

Wisco has been busy over the last year creating positive change across the organization. Wisco has partnered up with Madison Area Technical College in a training program to support the development of a lean business environment.

We are committed as an organization to improve our office and factory processes to eliminate waste and improve effectiveness and efficiency.

We are all very excited in creating and supporting positive change to make our business stronger and to help our customers be successful. To sustain our efforts in lean manufacturing we have charted a 5-S Steering Team, made up of members from across the organization to lead efforts.

5-S Steering Team Mission/Goal: Direct and lead by example for a better Wisco through implementation of 5-S lean manufacturing with a goal of increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Issues to be Addressed:

  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Identify consequences of various courses of action
  • Make judgements about project scope and priorities
  • Charter project teams
  • Measure and track improvement projects
  • Publicize improvement activities throughout the company

Expected results:

  • Full participation of all employees
  • Measure number of employees involved in improvement activities
  • Measure number of improvement projects
  • Calculate potential payback
  • Increase market share